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Welcome to City,The . . .

Dark and Sticky

The Notorious Wyn and Shade
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****Attn: Dark Jam has been moved to a new forum! The game isn't ending, we're just not doing it here on Livejournal (those of us who've been playing know why). Anyone interested in playing can just leave a message on my livejournal, or email me at shadenokturne@hotmail.com. Dark Jam lives!****

Ten days ago, the existence of supernatural beings was recognized by the United Nations, and the world has been in an uproar ever since. They made a statement about ‘irrepressible proof’ and ‘a danger to humanity’ and lots of other ugly and unsettling things like that. Not since the inquisition has the world of the fae held so much danger. The officials have also mentioned not just the faeries, but also the existence of changing breeds, vampires, and ‘real magic users’. The human population is in a panic, and there have been reported riots in major cities all across the world. Vampires have been caught and burned; silver bullets are appearing in stores everywhere. Some places have gone under martial law. Good thing this is City,The, where the levels of weirdness and paranoia are neck and neck, nobody quite has the gumption to do anything major.

Everyone is afraid; afraid of false accusations, afraid of their own shadows. Like McCarthyism, everyone is afraid of their neighbors, anyone could be a supernatural creature. Vampire cults have been sprouting like mushrooms, and all the goth kids feel oh so vindicated as they roam the streets in packs looking for a vampire to recruit them. And some vampires seem to have madly been doing just that.

Scary times. Most humans have been torn between defiantly carrying on their ‘normal’ lives, like if they can just ignore what’s going on hard enough, it will go away. There seems to be some merit to this choice, however, and these people have found that their very normalcy seems to keep the faeries at bay. Silver for the werewolves, fire for the undead, iron and mendacity for the faeries. The news repeats these things over and over, as well as countless babbling ‘experts’ on everything from paranormal activity to home security. Stay in your homes, do not go out after dark, do not talk to strangers, keep your eyes open, report anything strange ... madness has overtaken the world.